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Buffered Vitamin C (LifeExtension)



Each sodium free carbonated drink provides:
Vitamin C 4000mg 6700%*
Potassium 365mg 10%*
Calcium 145mg 14%*
Magnesium 55mg 14%*
Zinc 2mg 14%*

*Percentage of US Recommended Daily Allowance for adults.

What's the best way to take mega doses (from 4 - 5 grams) of Vitamin C every day? All the solutions to this problem, until now, have had disadvantages such as: (1) High acidity and sour taste (ascorbic acid, crystal and tablet form). (2) High sodium (chewable tablets & sodium ascorbate crystals). (3) Very bitter taste (calcium ascorbate crystals). (4) Unwanted excipients (all tablets). (5) High cost (all tablets and calcium ascorbate). Many persons buy the least expensive form of C, ascorbic acid crystals, and mask the taste by mixing in orange juice, not realizing the high-sugar juice costs more than the C.

Vitamin C powder. You'll get your vitamin C as a good-tasting carbonated mineral water beverage for less than 8 cents per gram, PLUS a good supply of hard-to-get minerals all in solution as their highly-absorbable ascorbates. Notice there is NO SODIUM. Of course, there are NO sugars, flavors, or colors of any sort. In fact, there are NO excipients whatever, you get just what's on the label.

IT TAKES JUST A FEW SECONDS to mix up a Vitamin C drink and is just the ticket as a digestive aid after meals, or just as a convenient, pleasant source of mega doses of vitamin C. In addition, over 94% of the ascorbic acid's acidity is neutralized by the effervescent reaction resulting in a carbonated drink similar to mineral water.

Add JUST 1 OUNCE of cold WATER onto a slightly rounded teaspoon of Vitamin C powder. Swirl the mixture. Add more water or juice only after the bubbling subsides. Drink and enjoy. Add more water and drink any leftovers. Vitamin C powder is normally cloudy.

NOTICE: It's imperative to understand that with EACH drink you'll be getting 4 full grams (4000 milligrams) of vitamin C. Most persons can handle this amount in one dose, but some who are unaccustomed to large doses can easily get diarrhea and/or gas with as little as 1 gram. It'll help to take your Vitamin C powder with or after a meal. Vitamin C powder looks and tastes much like mineral water, so be careful how much you take.

IMPORTANT: ALWAYS REPLACE THE CAP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE since Vitamin C Powder quickly absorbs water from the air. DO NOT REFRIGERATE Vitamin C Powder since humidity in the bottle will condense onto the crystals and start the reaction. Effervescent forms of vitamin C are VERY HUMIDITY-SENSITIVE. So DO NOT PUT DAMP SPOONS into the bottle! DO NOT ALLOW WATER TO SPLASH into the cap or bottle! Replace DRY cap TIGHTLY. Vitamin C Powder will effervesce & pour easily for two years after opening if kept properly. Folks in humid areas such as Florida, Hawaii, or Louisiana: TAKE SPECIAL CARE!

Contains Corn

Please be advised that the density of powders may vary considerably from lot to lot making it difficult to obtain a precise dose using the measuring system that is indicated on the label of powder products.  If extreme accuracy in dosage is required it would be wise to use a gram scale that is 0.01 gram accurate.

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