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GABA: The Natural Anxiety Amino Acid

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Revolutionary discoveries of how GABA affects the mind, mood, memory, and behavior.

Find out why GABA – the anxiety amino acid – is so vital to brain function!

Find Out How GABA Naturally…

  • Controls the anxiety “stop switch”
  • Helps you think, sleep, and feel better
  • Functions as a natural muscle relaxant
  • Creates neurotransmitters anxiety-free brain function
  • Reduces stress while enhancing memory

Now there’s hope for the millions addicted to prescription medications for natural relief!

Break the chemical straightjacket of drugs, and control your anxiety naturally.


Billie J. Sahley, Ph.D., is Executive Director of the Pain & Stress Center in San Antonio, Texas.  She is a Board Certified Medical Psychotherapist-Behavior Therapist, Psychodiagnostician, and an Orthomolecular Therapist.  She is a Diplomate in the American Academy of Pain Management.  Dr. Sahley is a graduate of the University of Texas, Clayton University School of Behavioral Medicine, and U.C.L.A. School of Integral Medicine.  Additionally, she has studied advanced nutritional biochemistry through Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D., Director of HealthComm.  She is a member of the Huxley Foundation/Academy of Orthomolecular Medicine, Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine, North American Nutrition and Preventative Medicine Association.  In addition, she holds memberships in the Sports Medicine Foundation, American Association of Hypnotherapists, and American Mental Health Counselors Association.  She also sits on the Scientific and Medical Advisory Board for Inter-Cal Corporation.

Dr. Sahley wrote: The Anxiety Epidemic; Stop A.D.D. Naturally; Malic Acid and Magnesium For Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Syndrome; The Melatonin Report; Is Ritalin Necessary? The Ritalin Report; Post Trauma and Chronic EmotionalFatigue; Theanine, The Relaxation Amino Acid; and has recorded numberous audio cassette tapes.  She coauthored Break Your Prescribed Addiction, Heal with Amino Acids and Nutrients, and Control Alcoholism with Amino Acids and Nutrients.  Green Tea Healing Miracle book should be available late fall 2005.

In additiona, Dr. Sahley holds three U.S. patents for: SAF, Calms Kids (SAF for Kids), and Anxiety Control 24.  Dr. Sahley devotes the majority of her time to research, writing, and development of natural products to address brain deficiencies.


Paperback: 92 pages

Written By: Billie Jay Sahley, Ph.D.

Publisher: Pain & Stress Publications

Copyright: 2005 Pain & Stress Publications

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1-889391-31-x

ISBN-13: 978-1-889391-31-1

Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5 inches

Shipping Weight: 1 pound

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