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  1. 1000 Empty Veggie Caps size "00"

    Empty capsules allow you to fill your own powders at desired potencies, as well as avoiding additives.
  2. 150 CC Empty Bottle with Cap

    150 CC Empty Bottle with Cap
  3. 5-HTP: The Natural Serotonin

    This book offers an inexpensive, explication of how 5-HTP works and gives some suggestions on how to use it as a dietary supplement.

    Passwater, Richard, PhD and South, James, M.A. 5-HTP: The Natural Serotonin Solution Keats Publishing, 1998. 56 pages. (Paper) ISBN # 0-87983-939-2.

  4. AWS - DIA-20 Milligram Scale

    AWS - DIA-20 Milligram Scale
  5. AWS - GEMINI-20 Portable Milligram Scale

    AWS - GEMINI-20 Portable Milligram Scale
  6. AWS - ZEO-50 Milligram Scale

    AWS - ZEO-50 Milligram Scale
  7. BlenderBottle Classic 20oz. with Loop

    BlenderBottle Classic 20oz. with Loop
  8. BlenderBottle GoStak - Starter 4Pak

    BlenderBottle GoStak - Starter 4Pak
  9. BlenderBottle ProStak 22oz.

    BlenderBottle ProStak 22oz.
  10. BlenderBottle ProStak Expansion Pak

    BlenderBottle ProStak Expansion Pak
  11. Break Your Prescribed Addiction

    A guide to coming off tranquilizers, anti-depressants, pain pills, and other pharmaceuticals, using amino acids and nutrients.

    Sahley, Billie Jay, Ph.D. and Birkner, Katherine M., C.R.N.A., Ph.D "Breaking Your Prescribed Addiction: New third edition. Pain & Stress Therapy Center Pulications, 1998. 131 pages (Paper) ISBN #1-889391-09-3

  12. GABA: The Natural Anxiety Amino Acid

    Learn how GABA, the amino acid that controls anxiety, allows you to break the grip of prescription drugs and helps you think and feel better - naturally.

    Sahley, Billie J., PhD Pain & Stress Publications, 2005 84 pages (paper) ISBN # 978-1-889391-31-1

  13. L-Carnitine: The Energy Nutrient

    "Good Health Guide" The protein building block, L-Carnitine helps burn carbohydrates and fat, helps control the level of brain transmitters, and helps stave off the destruction caused by free radicals.

    Leibovitz, Brian PhD L-Carnitine: The Energy Nutrient Royal Publications, 1999. 48 pages. (paper) ISBN# 0-87983-962-7

  14. Prescription for Nutritional Healing

    This is an extensive self-help guide that offers practical natural remedies for a wide range of illnesses. Well organized, this book offers sensible advice.

    (Fourth Edition) Balch, James F., MD and Balch, Phyllis A., C.N.C. ISBN # 158333236-7

  15. The Amino Revolution

    Dr Erdmann has written a very readable guide to using aminos for nutritional support covering many common disorders: depression, allergies, alcohol, drug and cigarette dependencies, and more. He also suggest possible formulas. The only drawback to this book is its lack of index.

    Erdmann, Robert, Ph.D. and Jones, Meirion. Century Hutchinson, Ltd., 1987. 248 pages (paper)ISBN # 0-7126-1593-8.

  16. The Arthritis Cure

    This New York Times bestseller brought Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfates to the public's attention. It offers practical advice for dealing with this painful condition without drugs.

    Theodosakis, Jason, M.D., M.S., M.P.H., Adderly, Brenda, M.H.A. and Fox, Barry, Ph.D. The Arthritis Cure St. Martins Paperbacks, 1997. 282 pages (Paper) ISBN# 0-312-96453-6

  17. The Capsule Machine size "00"

    We've found a brand new way to encapsulate your herbs, botanicals, and amino acids! It's called ‘The Capsule Machine'. This Product comes complete with base, stand, top, tamper, spread card, and desiccant (drying) bag in both sizes ‘0' and '00'. ‘The Capsule Machine' allows you to make 24 size ‘00' capsules in about 3 minutes. You can now store the capsules you've made even longer with a reusable desiccant bag; this prevents the capsule from getting damaged by humidity. A tamper is provided and allows more power to pack into each capsule, and the entire ‘Capsule Machine' is dishwasher safe. This is great alternative to the ‘Cap-M-Quick' because you can automatically join all capsules at once.

    The all-in-one ‘Capsule Machine' is a great buy at $ 19.30 now you can add 1,000 vegi-caps for $ 15.00. The process of hand copulating is still somewhat cumbersome and inaccurate so we do suggest buying pre-made capsules whenever possible.

  18. The Healing Nutrients Within

    How to use amino acids to achieve optimum health. Includes a large reference section on each amino acid.

    Braverman, Eric R., M.D. The Healing Nutrients Within (Third Edition) Basic Health Publications, 2003. 434 pages. (paper) ISBN # 1-59230-037-7

  19. The Mood Cure

    Ross shares the good news that we can feel better emotionally, without the use of caffeine, alcohol, tobacco or antidepressants. This book is a comprehensive natural approach that jump-starts your program with brain fueling amino acids combined with high-protein, healthy fat, veggie-rich diet and other nutritional strategies.

    Ross, Julia, M.A. The Mood Cure. Penguin Books. 369 pages (paper)

  20. The MSM Miracle

    A small booklet with information on the organic sulphur compound, Methylsulphonylmethane. Dr. Mindell explains how an organic form of sulfur has shown important therapeutic value in arthritis, diabetes, allergy, wound healing, eye problems, cramps, stress and more. Includes dosage information and research studies.

    Mindell, Earl, PhD The MSM Miracle Keats Publishing, 1997. 48 pages (paper). ISBN# 0-87983-841-8.

  21. Tryptophan Powerful Serotonin Booster

    Tryptophan (1-tryptophan) is an essential amino acid necessary for the production of serotonin and melatonin. Tryptophan can soothe nerves and anxiety, reduce carbohydrate cravings, relieve pre-menstrual symptoms, and enhance relaxation and sleep. By helping to boost serotonin production, tryptophan can be used as an adjunct therapy in relieving depression. Unavailable in the US market until recently, tryptophan is back so you can once again take advantage of its wonderful soothing mood-lifting properties.

    Wexler, Barbara "Tryptophan Powerful Serotonin Booster". Woodland Publishing, 2008. 30 pages. (Paper) ISBN# 978-1-58054-121-3.

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21 Item(s)